2004-09-01 Countrywide Email from Mozilo to Kurland and McLaughlin - September 9, 2004 - E-mail from Countrywide Financial chairman of the board and chief executive officer Angelo Mozilo to Stan Kurland and Keith McLaughlin, subject: Subprime Residuals

2006-02-28 AIG Email from Gene Park to Joe Cassano - February 28, 2006 - E-Mail from AIG Managing Director of Financial Products Gene Park to AIG Financial Products officer Joe Cassano, Subject: CDO of ABS Approach Going Forward - Message to the Dealer Community

2007-03-30 Bear Stearns Email from Matthew Tannin to Steven Van Solkema - March 30, 2007 - E-mail from Bear Stearns Senior Managing Director Matthew Tannin to Bear Stearns credit analyst Steven Van Solkema.

2007-04-22 Bear Stearns Email from Matt Tannin to Ralph Cioffi - April 22, 2007 - E-mail from Bear Stearns Senior Managing Director Matthew Tannin to Bear Stearns hedge fund manager Ralph Cioffi.

2007-05-11 Goldman Sachs internal email re CDOs-Mortgages - May 11, 2007 - E-mail Goldman Sachs Chief Risk Officer Craig Broderick to members of Goldman's mortgage group, concerning CDO's.

2007-08-01 Counrtywide Mozilo Email Chain - August, 1, 2007 - E-mail Countrywide Financial's Angelo Mozilo, former Fed governor and a former Countrywide director Lyle E Gramley, and Dave Sambol Countrywide managing director.

2007-11-03 Citi Email from Dick Bowen to Robert Rubin - November 3, 2007 - E-mail from Dick Bowen to Citigroup Chairman Robert Rubin, and other top Citigroup executives, concerning unrecognized financial loses.

2008-03-07 Fannie Mae Email exchange between Mudd Steel and Levin - March 7, 2008 - E-mail exchanges from Fannie Mae CEO Daniel Mudd, Fannie Mae chief business officer Robert Levin, and Treasury Undersecretary Robert Steel

2008-06-12 Citi Fontana Email to Foskett
- June 12, 2008 - E-mail from Thomas Fontana, head of risk management in Citigroup’s global financial institutions group, to Citigroup's Christopher M. Foskett, concerning Lehman.

2008-09-09 US Treasury Email from Michele Davis to Jim Wilkinson - September 9, 2008 - E-mail from Treasury Chief of Staff Jim Wilkinson to Michelle Davis, assistant secretary for public affairs at Treasury, expressing his distaste for government assistance to Lehman.

2008-09-11 Federal Reserve Bank Email from Susan L McCabe - September 11, 2008 - Federal Reserve Bank E-mail from Susan McCabe to William Dudley, Gustavo Suarez and Chris Burke, "this is shaping up as going to be a rough day."

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